Fixed Wing Noob Guide

things that might be helpful.

  • prop direction: the letters/numbers on props also indicate what direction they are meant to go in. letter/number side is forward. no matter where your prop is, front, mid, back - the prop needs to go in the correct forward direction. Also, the motor needs to spin in the correct direction as well.
  • CG is super important. "A tail heavy plane flies once, a nose heavy plane will fly again." its not that big of a deal with quads since everything is packed in, and out weighed by the battery, but for planes, it makes a big difference. check the manual/instructions for where the CG is, some planes will have a marker under the wing. keep checking it while your placing your components and figuring out battery placement. i tend to go a tiny bit nose heavy.
  • you should probably learn to fly line of sight before going FPV. just incase things go wrong you can still bring it back safe.
  • check your CRAP.
  • maybe hold off on buying a jet or crazy fast plane for your first plane. its probably a good idea to learn on something slow and with a bit of dihedral in the wing (passive stabilization). my first plane was a slow stick, that thing was fun.

feel free to add your own tips, or ask any noob questions.


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  • Good stuff. You should also calibrate your throttle to the ESC. Also ensure the control surfaces are neutral as possible at rest, as the workmanship from the Chinese companies are spotty. One of the servos on my ailerons was not adjusted properly causing too much up elevator on one side, requiring an excessive amount of trim on the radio.

  • Sorry guys didn't get a chance to join you guys. I actually was at the adjacent baseball field behind the middle school. I was flying my Spark and planes and already had dragged all my gear from the car. I didn't realize you guys were fooling around with FPV planes. lol. Well if im not hung-over from a Quince next sat i'll stop by to see what you guys are up to :-)

  • " ensure the control surfaces are neutral as possible"

    For a more traditional style plane - one with individual control surfaces - yes, but for a plane that has elevons - ailerons/elevator combined - like Delta wings, do require a little bit of reflex.

    Reflex is fancy for a tiny bit of up angle on the elevons by default.
  • Yes, you are right on that.

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