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  • Soo,, after many crashes with my "Fader Quad" and the bending of my video antenna i decided to cut open the outer cover of the stem, and just as i suspected, the steel braided sleeve (ground) was torn up... I knew that eventually that would happen, but still it crept up on me,, no wonder I was losing video,,, duhhh,,
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    hmmm. as in the sleeve was severed enough to lose connection? that sounds plausible.

    swap antennas and see, i have some sitting around if you want to give that a try.

    did you use copper or car-sourced wire on this one? i wonder if thats contributing to the issues.

  • sleeve was barely making contact depending on the angle of bend. I patched it up with some solder, videos better but not much flex left.. time 4 new 1's,,
  • Oh yeah, dont use speaker wire for your build,,got it,,,,, pew pew,,
    It don't say that in the bible...
  • Looks like I finally killed a cnhl batt. 6 months later. I got a weak cell that won't fully charge, should I toss It?
  • yea, do you have something to check each cell?

    if ones lagging behind you should probably get rid of it - its going to be a pain to charge and will always be dogging behind the others, stressing them.

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