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if you were thinking of ordering from China ...

now might be a good time to order it, word around the campfire is this tariff/trade war mishegas is going to directly affect the prices of our rc/quad parts coming from China.


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  • Race Day Quads For Lyfe....

    "RaceDayQuads Official Tariff Statement:

    As you may know, over the past few weeks our industry has been hit with a dramatic increase in import fees as a result of the tariff imposed on Chinese imports. In effect, this has increased our costs and decreased our operating margin on some products to virtually nothing.

    In response to this, RaceDayQuads has decided to not impose any fee or price increase on our customers.

    RDQ was created a mere two years ago with the mission to give the FPV community a source for the best priced in-stock gear in the world, coupled with the fastest shipping and most responsive and helpful customer service in the industry. If we were to increase prices, we would stray from this mission - that simple!

    Our RDQ team is more committed than ever to leave you, our customer, with a joyful shopping experience. We hope this shows our true commitment to that objective, and we thank you dearly for your support.

    Tyler Brennan
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