VAS Banshee on sale at GetFPV


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  • hmmm.... i might just pick one up and save it for later, my current one still has a little bit of time on it.

    that goggle module i was talking about is the Rapidfire from Immersion, $150. Older goggles will need to have some mod installed to supply enough power to the module, but newer goggle can power it without needing mods.

  • I'll pass on the rapidfire. There appears to be compatibility issues with some cameras which can cause video blackouts during flight. There is a list of cameras here
    but this list is obviously not inclusive, and I don't want to be an unwitting compatibility tester/victim. I have a bunch of Foxeer micro arrows, one of the incompatible cameras. On a side note, these were delivered last week, so I won't have to worry about not having enough laminate. These are low melt versions and appear to be the same as the laminate in the kits I've purchased.

  • Laminate all the things!
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