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Protect the hobby...

so we can continue to rip bawls with our kwads. (i just threw up a little)

The FAA, Department of Defense, and certain members of congress are looking to remove a current section of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act that directly protects model aviation hobbyists. This protection called "Rule 336" exempts those involved in model aviation for "hobby & recreation" from serious & unnecessary regulation from the FAA. The FAA & officials claim they must do something about "drones/multi-rotor copters". However, there are hundreds of thousands of safe, CBO rule abiding, fixed-wing R/C pilots being included. If Rule 336 is modified or removed, our hobby will be dealt a heavy blow - hobby shops will close, club memberships will drop, flying fields will disappear, and young pilots will be discouraged from the great fun of building and flying models.


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