my next plane is going to be ion driven.

"The team’s final design resembles a large, lightweight glider. The aircraft, which weighs about 5 pounds and has a 5-meter wingspan, carries an array of thin wires, which are strung like horizontal fencing along and beneath the front end of the plane’s wing. The wires act as positively charged electrodes, while similarly arranged thicker wires, running along the back end of the plane’s wing, serve as negative electrodes.

The fuselage of the plane holds a stack of lithium-polymer batteries. Barrett's ion plane team included members of Professor David Perreault’s Power Electronics Research Group in the Research Laboratory of Electronics, who designed a power supply that would convert the batteries’ output to a sufficiently high voltage to propel the plane. In this way, the batteries supply electricity at 40,000 volts to positively charge the wires via a lightweight power converter."


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  • I hope tax dollars aren't funding his pipe dream. We'll have anti-gravity and electromagnetic propulsion aircraft long before his ion wind plane gets off the ground.

  • But it did, the article has video of it flying. Also it's MIT and non military, so no tax dollars, that's going toward walls to keep the horde of terrorists and criminals away, all 10 of em at a time.
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