20mm stack with mixed mounting hole sizes

I got some parts for a micro coming in, and when i took a look at the mount hole sizes i realized that the FC and ESCs are different sizes.

the FC is 2.5mm and the ESCs is 2mm. should i just roll with 2mm standoffs and maybe use a rubber o-ring to fill in the gap and keep it from vibing around.

any other recommendations?


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  • What FC is that? I thought the hole size was either 3 or 2mm. If the FC is 2.5mm, you might want to sandwich the board with 2mm o-rings or plastic washers. Another possible solution might be to hot glue the FC mounting holes so the glue extrudes out of both sides, then when cooled carefully shave the glue to 1-2mm height to create a gasket which would also dampen some vibrations. Then use a 2mm drill or thick pin heated over a flame and carefully melt a hole for the standoff. My 3inch frame has 3mm holes and I used washers on the 2mm bolt and it works fine.

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    Float mount,,,, ?
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