New Matek Micro F4 FC

Matek is upping their game and just released a new F4 micro FC. This is the most advanced and feature packed micro FC yet. It is presently the only nano board to feature the ICM-20602 gyro, which necessitated the rubber grommets. It is capable of both M3/M2 mounting screws and is smartaudio/camera control capable. There is a special full size PDB designed to mate with it. I found only one site presently selling it for $30, which is the same price as the Matek full size FC. I have two Matek F4 FCs and they work flawlessly, and this might be my new go-to nano board. Info and seller links below.


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  • i like it but curious how logically the pins are laid out since they are spread out across both sides of the board.

  • There is actually some logic to the layout. The full size FC is similarly laid out. The bottom pads are designed to wire up to a PDB or ESC so you can clamshell the FC and hide the wires. The top pads wire up to a buzzer, RX, Cam, and VTX, stuff that normally is on the top side of the quad.

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