20x20 stack, who's makes the sticky of the icky?

@steve_L who do you think makes the best (right now) 20x20 stack? just got my armattan 2" frames in.


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  • @MrrGrrGrr I can't answer that as I am not a big fan of the stacks. I've only tried two of the stacks but I can say don't buy the flycolor raptor S-tower, as that still uses MWOSD which is a pain, and the maker imprints "flycolor" on the OSD which cannot be removed via the MWOSD GUI, but that may be not important for everyone.

    On a side note, I've starting rotating my micro 4in1 ESCs 180 degrees to allow for easier zip tying for strain relief. The micro ESC battery pads are so close to the rear edge of the frame that zip tying for strain relief is impossible, but rotating the ESC allows the wires to gradually slope down to the frame and allows greater flexibility. The additional length of wire probably adds about 1g. Just have to remember to remap the motor outputs via the Betaflight CLI.

    I also used a capacitor board and made a mini-toroid inductor with a M3 plastic washer to create an LC filter for the micro cam.

  • Good thing I asked, I was leaning towards a stack for my next micro, but maybe I'll just go with some stuff from rtfquads.

    Doesn't the toroid need to be a magnet?
  • An inductor can be made by winding wire around anything to make a coil, and the magnetic field created will still resist AC current. Most toroid inductors use ferrite or powdered iron to create a much stronger magnetic field and increase inductance. Since there is no toroid that small, I just wound the coil with a washer. It may not be as effective as a ferrite core but any bit of inductance helps.

  • Does anyone have any extra M2 plastic stand offs or hardware for a micro stack? I exploded my micro,,,
  • I don't need a full set, just a few,,
  • I have some. what do you need?

  • Tanks dude, but i ended up using some prop screws cut down to size and the bottom plate of the frame you gave me. The pins connecting my HGLRC stack broke right off the board, so I had to rebuild with the Emax mini...
    I was really digging that HGLRC,,,,
    I'm suspecting a problem with my receiver gonna have to switch that out too..
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