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Looks good, has FC built in, prob same features as full size recruit. If it's anything like the full-size it should be a solid little wing.

I'll pick one up in a couple months, I'm pretty booked up on in-progress planes right now.


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  • Bonus points: fpv cam isn't offset to the right of roll axis.
  • Its a rebranded mini AR wing from Sonicmodell, which makes excellent planes.

  • Just shipped, with that new tiny frsky 4 channel receiver.
  • Mine just got delivered. Tiny.

    But noticed a nice addition to the electronics. It looks like there's some sort of filter/regulator between the ESC and FC/Aux power JST. Hopefully that means I don't need the intense cap/lc filter setup I have on my full-size recruit.

    It comes with two nose cone options: full size cam and micro.
  • I made an XT60 adapter with a jst power tap and 2200uf cap to power the FPV system in my dart rebuild. The XT60 cap board is available at race day quads. I added a lc filter right after the jst tap, and I think this should eliminate any noise. I like the flexibility to attach any capacitor to the board which is directly at the battery connection.

  • Turns out that little bundle wasn't a filter after all, it was actually the ESC itself.

    Got it all put together tonight, very fast build. I used a 20x20 vtx and it fit perfectly in the camera 'tunnel'. Clean and neat.

    I didn't put any filtering in, but theres room for a cap/lc filter.
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