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New TBS Unify Evo - interesting new VTX

got a couple emails about this, seems pretty interesting. all the great unify features, smart audio of course, but also has a USB port for updates, which also means its a bit bigger than most modern VTXs.


  • full featured builtin OSD. it can take in data from an FC, or just show battery info without one.
  • theres a little bit of computer vision going on - it can read 'barcodes' that will change the VTX channel. so, in theory all you have to do is flash a barcode at the camera and it will change to the encoded channel, even easier than the smartest of audios. but also, i can see some chance of tom foolery though.
  • it can read CRSF (crossfire protocol), and PWM signals. you can direct wire the VTX to radio controls without the need for an FC/smartaudio or if you are using an FC you can output PWM signal from a spare UART pad to control it.


  • it has both a wire harness port and pads, but why, when your only going to use one. maybe two versions - port or pads.
  • they are still trying to keep things proprietary. i don't have too much interest in long range, so will probably never get a crossfire, so some of those CSRF features are useless, unless they open it up for FCs to use as well. now, they are trying to patent the barcode system, good luck with that, i give it 2 months before matek comes out with the same, and patents don't mean shit in china.
  • antenna mount located in the middle. i dunno, in a bad crash i'd be worries about it being pulled hard cracking the VTX down the middle.


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