Ah hoy!!

Whats up Guys! its been a while, lots of crazy things have happend since I last flew with you guys, I had pretty much stopped flying, all of my quads where broken for the most part and had no desire to fix them, so they have just been sitting for the last year or so, but I want to get back into flying again. seems some cool stuff has came out and Im ready to RIP again. but I do have a question......I recently got a Mavic 2 Zoom, regrettably I bought a used pair of DJI RE goggles that I really dont use lol. however its has analog and digital on it. but I was wondering if any of you know if I can fly DJI's digital FPV Camera with the RE Googles, or do i need the DJI FPV googles to do so? and Lastly any of you still flying on Sundays?

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